WWOOF in other countries

If you can't find the country you are looking for, please check below.

Some countries do not, as yet, have a national WWOOF group - but still have farmers who want to be hosts. They are known as "Independents".

Countries with hosts, but no national group are as follows:

Albania,Armenia,Azerbaijan,Belarus,Benin,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bolivia,Cambodia, Central African Republic,Croatia, Cyprus (Northern), Cyprus (Republic),Egypt, El Salvador,Fiji,Finland,French Polynesia, Gabon,Gambia,Georgia,Ghana,Guinea,Honduras,Iceland,Indonesia,Iran, Jamaica,Jordan,Kenya,Kosovo,Latvia,Luxembourg,Madagascar,Malaysia, Mali,Malta,Mauritius, Mongolia, Montenegro,Morocco,Mozambique,Namibia, Nicaragua Pakistan,Palestine, Panama,Paraguay,Russia,Senegal,Seychelles, Slovakia,Slovenia,Sudan, Tonga,Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay,Vietnam,Zambia and Zimbabwe.

To visit Independent hosts (or enrol as one) in Europe, Asia or Africa please go to WWOOF Independents. A one year membership costs £15 and grants you access to 208 farms in 45 countries.