WWOOF in other countries

If you can't find the country you are looking for, please check below.

Some countries do not, as yet, have a national WWOOF group - but still have farmers who want to be hosts. They are known as "Independents".

Countries with hosts, but no national group are as follows:

Albania,Armenia,Azerbaijan,Belarus,Benin,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bolivia,Cambodia, Central African Republic,Croatia, Cyprus (Northern), Cyprus (Republic),Egypt, El Salvador,Fiji,Finland,French Polynesia, Gabon,Gambia,Georgia,Ghana,Guinea,Honduras,Iceland,Indonesia,Iran, Jamaica,Jordan,Kenya,Kosovo,Latvia,Luxembourg,Madagascar,Malaysia, Mali,Malta,Mauritius, Mongolia, Montenegro,Morocco,Mozambique,Namibia, Nicaragua Pakistan,Palestine, Panama,Paraguay,Russia,Senegal,Seychelles, Slovakia,Slovenia,Sudan, Tonga,Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay,Vietnam,Zambia and Zimbabwe.

To visit Independent hosts (or enrol as one) in Europe, Asia or Africa please go to WWOOF Independents. A one year membership costs £15 and grants you access to 208 farms in 45 countries.

Independent hosts in Latin America are listed by WWOOF Latin America. Access to the list is free to anyone taking out a membership of any of the national WWOOF organisations in the region. Follow the links below for South American national groups or go to WWOOF Latin America for more information.